Show Me The Funding – Stacey Kivel calls on her personal experience to offer a view of the challenges of African energy companies raising corporate finance from Western capital markets.

Energy partner Stacey Kivel was invited by African Law & Business to share her thoughts on the hurdles one must overcome in order to utilize the opportunities that await in the African Energy sector. Her article covers a range of potential challenges that one can face when raising funds for an African energy company and Stacey provides examples from her personal experience when trying to accomplish this difficult task.

“African companies face a perception issue – market makers’ unfamiliarity with Africa and African’s, negative stereotypes, past failures, infrastructure problems, corruption perceptions, political risk, etc.” Stacey ultimately explains that the opportunity in Africa is so great that with the correct advice and structure surrounding the deals, the African Sector has an incredible potential to be very attractive for western investors.


The full article can be read on the African Law & Business website by clicking here.



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