We represent the path to a positive, alternative career. The perfect work/life blend, merit-based income, real investment in technology and efficiency, and none of the politics of big-law. Our structure is designed for you and your clients to feel at home.

We want to emancipate our lawyers and our clients from the constraints of typical legal practices. That means providing the best environment for lawyers to excel, unencumbered by the protocols of ‘big law’. We recruit experienced  lawyers from a diverse range of sectors. Our business model gives you greater autonomy, less bureaucracy and the freedom to practise law on your terms. It’s business the way you and our clients like it.

Benefits of working with us

  • Operate in a way that suits your lifestyle, not the other way round. It’s work, tailored to you.

  • Take control over your earnings, with minimal initial risk to your income and the opportunity for significant upside.

  • No more billable hours targets or arcane management processes. You’re free to manage yourself and your time as you see fit.

  • Be part of a supportive community of like-minded and highly-qualified peers.

  • Foster the type of relationships you want with your clients. It really is up to you how you develop and manage your network.

  • Be free to focus on what you do best: providing exceptional legal advice.

What our people say about us

There are many reasons why I enjoy working at McCarthy Denning, the most important of which is the easy going collegiality of my colleagues. This, and the depth of knowledge than runs through the firm; for it seems that there isn’t much that between us, we haven’t encountered at least once, if not, as is more often the case, many times over. This coupling of expertise, good humour, and ready availability of my colleagues to help solve a client’s issue, or merely to have a chat, is what makes the place not only somewhere I enjoy working, but a place of which I am thoroughly proud.

Sumit Chakravorty
Consultant Solicitor

My experience as a litigator of the work environment at McCarthy Denning is of being surrounded and supported by practitioners who are at the top of their game, confident, extremely well-connected and, above all, enjoying themselves. Everyone here is a delight to work with and very generous with their time and ideas. The absence of office politics and generally mellow atmosphere is a product of the business model but also very much down to the personalities in this firm and the fact that we enjoy socialising with each regularly.

The support structures work very well. They have to, since the firm is growing all the time and there is rich seam of business development ideas that is being mined amongst members of the firm and outside advisers. These often involve social media. The marketing of the firm is in truth fairly easy because of the pedigree of its members and because the transactional and litigation projects it handles are often high-profile and/or unusual and interesting to the general public.

It is an intriguing and exciting time to be in the firm.

Gordon Adam
Solicitor and Mediator


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