We have become the destination firm for discerning clients who demand the highest quality work delivered in an innovative, collaborative, agile and transparent way. No other firm delivers exceptional specialists with a ‘next-generation’ business model. That means unparalleled responsiveness, total adaptability to your deal and the utmost transparency around costs, all delivered without any sacrifice in quality.

When it comes to commercial insight, you need the brightest minds in the business to realise the greatest ambitions. Increasingly those people need a better vehicle to practice than the traditional firm model. That’s where we come in. Our commercial model means that our lawyers are free to focus on what they do best: providing exceptional legal advice, with the support of high-calibre peers. The combination of that optimised infrastructure and the way we harness talent and technology means you’re not just paying a fairer price – vastly reduced overheads, zero hierarchies and radically overhauled processes can make all the difference to your outcomes, too.

Instructing us means that you deal with experts, always. You pay for insight and influence, not flamboyant offices or an old-fashioned partnership geared towards the financial needs of a handful of individuals. Our relationships are enduring, meaningful and always one-to-one. Say goodbye to endless escalations of billable hours and faceless juniors making up the numbers. This is how legal services should be delivered. For enterprising people, by enterprising people.

Our Lawyers

Our people are exceptional specialists in their fields, with a wealth of private practice experience behind them. The focus is, and always has been, on building a team of high calibre lawyers with first-rate credentials.