Oil operators facing economic activism in Africa – Stacey Kivel illustrates one of her very own experiences when dealing with this matter

Using a case study of economic activism in Africa, energy partner and Africa expert, Stacey Kivel, was asked by African Law & Business to offer her insight into  how operator companies respond and how they can work to combat oil field violence. Stacey tells of her experience whereby her AIM listed oil company’s offshore oil rig was confronted by a series of kidnappings and eventually had to abandon the development. The article attributes the mistakes made to the non- traditional Finance and Service Agreement between the local Nigerian “Operator” and the AIM listed company with the actual drilling expertise that provided the finance and should have had full control of operations. An entertaining yet purposeful read for upstream lawyers. Maybe Stacey’s next piece will end up on a Hollywood screen as she did start her career as an entertainment lawyer.

The full case study can be read here at the African Law & Business website

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